Super Top of the Funnel

Super Top of the Funnel (Super Tofu)

At the Super Top of the Funnel, also known as Super ToFu, prospective buyers are at the earliest stage of the journey. Here, they lack awareness of any specific problem or need. Our task is to introduce them to potential challenges they may face, laying the groundwork for future engagement.

Super ToFu content serves to raise awareness and introduce potential challenges or problems to the audience. It addresses topics or issues that customers or users may not yet be aware of, with the aim of initiating discussions and increasing awareness.

Examples of Super ToFu content include:

  • Social media polls:
    Polls conducted on social media platforms to gather opinions and insights on specific topics.

  • Memes:
    Humorous or relatable images, videos, or text used to convey a message or idea in a lighthearted manner.

  • Soliciting customer or user opinions:
    Requesting feedback or opinions from customers or users about certain topics to encourage engagement and discussion.

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