Top of the Funnel

Top of the Funnel (ToFu)

The Top of the Funnel, or ToFu, marks the stage where potential customers have become aware of a problem or need but have not yet identified a solution. In this awareness stage, our focus is on providing valuable content that educates and informs, positioning our brand as a helpful resource and nurturing their interest.

In the ToFu stage, content aims to assist potential customers in identifying a problem and discovering a solution. This initial phase of awareness is our primary focus, as we provide valuable content designed to educate and inform. Through this approach, we establish our brand as a trusted advisor while cultivating their interest.

Examples of content suitable for the top of the conversion funnel:

  • Blog Posts:
    These informative articles, meticulously optimised for search engines, draw potential customers in with valuable insights while bolstering our brand’s credibility.

  • Infographics:
    Visual representations that simplify complex information, capturing attention, boosting brand visibility, and fostering awareness.

  • E-books:
    Providing in-depth content filled with valuable insights and solutions, these resources are exchanged for contact details, enabling us to nurture leads effectively.

  • Webinars & Podcasts:
    Engaging audio and video content that showcases our expertise, builds trust, and generates leads.

  • Videos:
    Short yet captivating content that forms an emotional connection, sparking interest, and expanding our brand’s reach

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